There’s a new website dedicated to helping parents and students homeschooling highschool. It’s called There are a few things that I think are really exciting about their approach.

  1. They have sections for both parents and students. I think it’s wise to recognize that they are both decision-making at this point and while they read things differently, they will want common resources.
  2. Community. There’s great sections for discussions by parents about homeschooling highschool and sections for discussions by students about homeschooling highschool.
  3. Highschool and post highschool. Highschool, more so than the K-8 years of education, is partially about preparing for post highschool careers and education.  This is a fact of life and they’ve done well to integrate this content within the site.  They have four areas: Applying to College Info for homeschoolers,  College Alternatives, Financial Aid for College, and Gap Years.  For instance, here’s the intro to the Gap Year section:

How can you take advantage of the gap? … you know, those years that some people “take off” between high school and the time they apply for college. Those years don’t have to be a detriment to getting into college and doing well. Many students do better by taking a few years “off” to pursue hobbies, mission trips, join the military, or find a job. Whatever the reason, this gap between high school and college acceptance can be turned into a plus instead of negative…..

Homeschooling Highschool

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