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Huntington Learner Center

 Quoted from Huntington Learning Centers

Every year we help thousands of students improve their grades and raise their test scores, in addition to teaching them valuable study skills and improving their academic outlook. For us, individual attention and an unwavering focus on the needs of your child are the keys to helping students do better in school.

It is the individualized program that makes the difference, as well as the commitment, caring, and positive reinforcement of each and every one of our staff. Right from the start, our staff works individually with your child to discover what is holding him or her back in school.

By individually diagnosing what is keeping your child from doing his or her best, and creating a program of instruction tailor made to fit your child's needs, we are able to help students improve their academic performance, skills, confidence, and motivation.

Our experience is that many students are locked into what we call the failure chain--a continuing cycle of frustration and failure. These students look at the learning experience as a threat rather than a challenge. Often they deal with this threat by daydreaming, acting out, or even tuning out. This behavior goes on in school and at home, affecting the whole family.

At Huntington Learning Center, we break this failure chain by carefully building basic skills, boosting self-confidence, and restoring the motivation to succeed.

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants
-By Marc Prensky

It is amazing to me how in all the hoopla and debate these days about the decline of education in the US we ignore the most fundamental of it's causes. Our students have changed radically. Today's students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach. Today's students have not just changed incrementally from those of the past...  eLearning, read more...


Whats New?
Autism-Aspergers - An overview with resources
Audio Books for Kids - Listen to books in the car while teaching language art skills as a family
Keyboarding - Typing Courses - Todays skills for todays learners
Master Degree in Education - Learn more to teach your own kids or as a career, its the hottest work-from-home job!
Homeschool Organization - The secret behind our successes and, ahem, failures is often how we organize our homeschool day. Or how we don't organize it, over-organize it, or mis-organize. Some thughts on organizing the homeschool day.
Homeschool Facts - The fact is, you are not alone. Over 2% of todays K-12 American students are being homeschooled. Find out how mainstream we are.
Homeschooling Online - We explore the juncture of the 3% of the population that is now homeschooling and the 90% of the kids that like to learn using the computer
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Parents - Learn about Reading Skills 
Many students are labeled Dyslexic, ADD/ADHD,  Specific Learning Disability, Dysgraphic or Learning Disabled.   We call these students 3DLearners? Find out if your child is a 3D Learner..
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